Mariah Carrey & Nick Cannon’s Candy Room Puts All Fairy Tales To Shame!

Hansel & Gretel, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and many more such legendary folklore and movies have featured every child’s dream – a house made entirely out of candy and licorice. And while most of us are constantly in touch with reality, we do secretly wish at some point that we had a house or even just a private nook made up of candies. And your dream would have come true this holiday season had Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon been your parents.

 Basically, the starry duo reminded us of what it is like to be born with a silver spoon, a.k.a. as celeb kids. In a good way, of course! Carey and Cannon’s 5-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, recently lived – and probably are still living – in a dreamy candy, which their parents gifted them recently. The Willy Wonka-ish space is one enviable room that’ll make even the most grown up of adults teary eyed.

Cannon shared pictures of the gorgeous candy room on his Instagram page, and let’s just say they are a sight to behold! Packed with every possible candy that can come to your mind, the room is a candy shop-wonderland hybrid.

From giant lollipops, a gumball machine, neatly stacked candies in a glass display and even a cotton candy maker, the room has it all! Cannon refers to the room as the “Cannon Candy Shop”, and with good reason. IT HAS A COTTON CANDY MAKER! *Deep breath*

And to help the kids vent the sugar rush and calories out in a fun way, the couple even installed a full-fledged ball pit in his living for the kids to play in. Yep, the twins have an in-house ball pit.


Meanwhile, here’s a picture of me in my candy-less room this holiday season.sad-baby


Feature Image: People