Mariah Carey’s Wedding Diet To Shed 20 Pounds Before D-Day

Less than a fortnight back, the divalicious Mariah Carey was trending for her tremendous weight loss story. And here she is again creating waves. The singer has been on a strict diet to get in better shape for her wedding.

Carey will be gracing the aisle the third to get hitched with Australian billionaire James Packer, 48, off the coast of his homeland in August. A family friend revealed the celebrity’s intense diet secrets and here’s what she’s been eating.


The Diet

Mariah is not a morning person and usually isn’t up before 11am, which means she usually skips breakfast and downs a smoothie or protein shake at noon. Owing to her stern belief in portion control, the rest of her day is speckled by five small portions, which include a salad with chicken or grilled salmon, while constantly sipping on Fiji water.

‘Mariah is only eating four ounces of grilled chicken, lean beef or one of her favorites, broiled Chilean Sea Bass or grilled shrimp with grilled asparagus,’ the family friend said.

‘She is also eating some of her favorites like baked salmon, chicken salad – with light mayo or mustard – and sushi. Mariah also loves cheese, so sometimes she will have some Brie on low fat crackers as a snack”, they added.Healthy-grilled-chicken-with-courgettes-and-peppers

Now, what’s a good diet without some spiritual indulgence? Carey has been told that she can have a glass of red wine a day and so she does every night with dinner.


D-Day Surprise

Mariah’s goal is not just to slip into the sultry body-hugging white dress but to also blow away her beau. Yes, it’s a D-Day surprise. Sweet or what?

‘Mariah hates dieting because she loves to eat and she in Europe right now on tour, so it’s difficult to stay on course with so much wonderful food around her all of the time, but she wants to have an hour-glass figure so she can have a very tight, sexy, figure-hugging gown,’ a friend reveals.

‘Mariah says she has to be very disciplined because she wants to take James’ breath away when he sees her for the first time in her wedding gown.’635890588291170809-AFP-548111068


Will she be able to shake off this one? We shall find out soon enough!