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Manpasand Beverages Launches A New Coconut Water Brand


Manpasand Beverages is targeting the unorganised coconut drink segment in the country by launching their own variation of coconut water under the Coco Sip Band. The product will be positioned as a more healthy alternative to the aerated drinks in the market and will contain 100 percent natural tender coconut water. 

New Product Launch

The new product launch will target the growing coconut water segment in the country where packaged coconut water products are still not highly favourable as compared to aerated and fruit juice drinks. Speaking about the new product, Dhirendra Singh, Chairman of Manpasand Beverages, said, “The coconut drink market in India is largely catered to by the unorganized and non-branded segment. Not only is it a delicious and natural alternative to the aerated drinks available in the market, it also has multiple nutritional values. There is a huge market for branded packaged coconut drink like Coco Sip in the urban markets . After our flagship Mango Sip brand and the recent introduction of Fruits Up, this coconut drink Coco Sip is our next big and niche product launch.” 


Healthy Alternatives

Coco Sip will also target the emerging healthy drinks market in the country and will provide nutritional benefits to the consumer. “Coco Sip will be made available through 1,000 modern retail stores and strategic tie-ups with select retailers. We also plan to deliver Coco Sip at consumers’ doorsteps through the e-commerce route. With consumers being more health conscious, there is a growing demand for healthier alternatives in the recent times,” Singh added. 


Emerging Market

The packaged coconut water segment is still at the developing stage in the country with more people preferring to indulge in juices and aerated drinks. Although it is still at a nascent stage in India, the market for packaged coconut water is large in developed countries, with over 700 million litres of branded coconut water consumed in 2015, according to ET. Manapasand Beverages is hoping to lead the charge in this emerging sector by introducing the