Manpasand Beverages Announces Tie Up Up With Baskin Robbins India


A few weeks after the Gujarat based fruit drink manufacturing Manpasand Beverages reported a high profit in Q3 sales, they’re in the news again for a tie up with Baskin Robbins in India.

A Look at Manpasand Beverages

Manpasand is best known for its uber popular fruit drink – ‘Mango Sip’ – which is the second most popular mango drink in the country.


Recently, the company launched two new brands – ‘Fruits Up’ and ‘Manpasand ORS’ which includes carbonated fruits drinks and energy replenishing fruit drinks respectively.

The Tie Up

As a result of the deal, the 250 Baskin-Robbins chains across India will be selling Mango Sip and Fruits Up beverages.



“This is a significant moment for us as for the first time an Indian beverage company is entering into an exclusive tie up with a global major such as Baskin-Robbins. Our popular fruit-based drinks will be the only beverage brands available at selected outlets of the ice cream giant across India. After this first phase tie up for 250 outlets, we will later offer our products across all remaining stores of Baskin-Robbins too,” Dhirendra Singh, the Chairman of Manpasand Beverages said in a statement, as reported by the Business Standard.

Earlier, Manpasand beverages had a similar deal with Hamovar Ice cream Limited. In similar news, Subway India recently tied up with PepsiCo, making PepsiCo the exclusive beverage and snack provider across Subway outlets in India.