This Man Had A Vague Wish When He Was Set Free From Jail

So you’re sent off to jail, no not while playing monopoly but in real life, and it turns out that you’ve been wrongfully convicted. Wrongfully convicted for 36 long years, not days, not months, not weeks, years! What would you do? Break the jury’s faces and kick them to the ground right? But this man had a whole other plan.
The first thing he wanted was a burger like he had seen “in the commercials.” Accompanied by his defence team from the Innocence Project, Michael finally gets his burger at Carl’s Jr. — “the one that they showed on TV with the bacon on it.” The Mile-High Bacon Cheeseburger? “Yeah, OK. I want one of them, please.”
Off-camera, the cashier was asked to make Michael’s combo order as big as possible. “Just go as big as they go.”
The video below, of Michael biting into a half-pound burger with great relish, will make you more emotional than you ever thought possible of a cheeseburger.