This Man Preserved A 36-Year-Old Piece of Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake

It looks like the season of preserving cake. After the miraculously preserved and “almost edible” fruit cake unearthed in Antarctica, it’s now a slice of the baked dessert in Florida that is garnering a lot of attention. And for reasons that will left your jaw hanging.

John Hoatson of Fort Lauderdale prides himself with a collection of priceless royal memorabilia, one of which is a portion of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding cake. The five-tier royal fruit cake was made for the occasion in 1981, which Hoatson remembers watching on TV as a kid.

“It will never get old. It’s preserved by the air,” Hoatson told the Tampa Bay Times, “I sent the cake to England and the box was signed by two of her bridesmaids, India Hicks and Clemmie Hambro, who was of course her littlest bridesmaid at 5 years old. I really like the letters and cards. She was a huge card writer. I have an engagement letter from right after she was engaged to Charles. It’s signed ‘Lady Diana.’ ”

This Man Preserved A 36-Year-Old Piece of Princess Diana’s Wedding CakeImage: People 

But the question that persists is whether the vintage cake has been tasted. Well, the answer to that is heck, no! “It’s 36-year-old fruitcake, and it looks really bad”, John said in an interview.

This isn’t the first royal cake that has been so precariously preserved. A few months ago, Jim Spencer of Hansons Auctioneers in Etwall discovered a slice of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip royal wedding cake, which dates back to November 20th 1947. That too, however, wasn’t the only time as another slice was sold off earlier this year.


Feature Image: PopSugar