A Man Put Mustard On His Pop-Tarts And The Police Was Called

The internet is a strange, strange place. People are frequently getting called out on Twitter for their strange food habits. It’s not uncommon for twitterati to threaten others with the phrase ‘I’m calling the police’ whenever things get a little too dicey.

However, Pop-Tarts have taken things to the next level after a bloke said, in a now-deleted tweet, the guy that he would spread yellow mustard onto his Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Latte-flavored Pop-Tarts. Strange, I know. But, stranger still is the fact that Pop-Tarts called him out on it and tagged the police to boot!

The best part, is that the Illinois State Police replied, with a pretty tongue-in-cheek answer:

Since the poster has now deleted his tweet, Pop-Tarts is taking this one as a win.

Let that serve as a reminder not to put your questionable Pop-Tart preferences on social media, or else, Pop-Tart will definitely call you out on it.