A Man Left An Almost Rs.85,000 Tip At This Indian Restaurant In Ireland


When a customer enjoys a meal at a restaurant, he may leave behind a generous tip. Or, he may ask for the chef to come out into the dining area to commend him. In a recent instance, one customer in an Indian restaurant in North Ireland left behind a way-beyond-generous sign of his appreciation; a tip for 1,000 pounds, which is almost Rs.85,000.

The £1,000 Tip

After having dined with four others, an anonymous diner called Chef Babu, the head chef at Indian Tree and told him he wanted to show his appreciation for his cooking. He then proceeded to tip him £1,000 for a meal which cost £79.


According to Luna Ekush, who owns the restaurant, all the credit goes to Chef Babu. “Whenever he comes home every few months and lands at the airport, he phones to see if Babu is cooking and comes here for his first meal with his wide. The night he left the tip, he told Babu that words weren’t enough to express his appreciation of the food and so he wanted to leave the money as a gift,” she said.

The restaurant announced the tip on their Facebook page, saying that the tipper wishes to remain anonymous.



The man also dropped Luna a mail later saying the restaurant can expect a ‘small gift’ the next time he visits.

The tip will be divided between the staff.