This Man Has Eaten Almost 30,000 Big Macs In His Life

Everyone enjoys a good McDonald’s fix every once in a while. Be it to cure a nasty hangover or if you’ve just been hit with a craving, there’s nothing like a McD meal to make your cheat day (or week). However, Dan Gorske eats two Big Macs every single day which has taken his burger tally to 29, 877 Big Macs eaten in his life. We doubt anyone can top that!

He Eats Two Big Macs A Day

According to The Sun, Gorske has been on his McDonald’s diet since May 12, 1972. In all that time, Gorske says there have only been eight days when he’s gone without a Big Mac. He plans to make it to 30,000 Big Macs by June, and I think we can all safely assume that he’s going to make it without breaking a sweat.

This Man Has Eaten Almost 30,000 Big Macs In His Life

Gorske first got official recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records in 2017 after he ate Big Mac number 28,788 in front of a panel of judges, and he has no plans of stopping yet! Although he’s already 64, Gorske plans on continuing the tradition for as long as he can, hopefully till he can reach that golden number of 40,000.

Although Big Macs make up about 95% of his diet, Gorske claims to be in good health which he credits to to the walks he takes in the summer. Gorske says he rarely eats other foods, citing the fact that his “obsessive compulsive” behavior makes him want to eat the same thing every day. Taking a love for the golden arches to the next level, Gorske has kept the receipts for every Big Mac he’s ever had in carefully labeled envelopes. Now, that’s commitment!