Mamagoto Serves Up Its Seasonal Menu In Bengaluru


Mamagoto has released its seasonal menu in welcoming in the cold winter, which also means celebration of the holiday season. The Pan-Asian restaurant will be treating its patrons to a customised winter menu encompassing of all that makes us feel nice and warm on the inside. The always innovative and inventive restaurant will feature dishes that will soothe your taste buds on a blistery cold night. 

Start off the night with Mama’s Big Bowls, a meal-in-a-bowl concept which is bound to satisfy even the most voracious eater. You can try the exclusive Mama Katsu-DON, a classic meal in a bowl which has Mirin, Sake, Kikkoman Soya, smoky onion sauce poured over sticky rice and served topped with your choice of panko crusted chicken, for the meat lovers, or aubergine (eggplant), for all those lovers of greens. 


Travel to Osaka and experience the street food culture with the Osaka Tube station bowl, served in tube stations all over Tokyo and Osaka. The Osaka Tube station bowl comes with an amalgamation of flavours, including a smoky broth flavoured with mushroom, Miso and Shio Tare (soya sauce). As always, Mamagoto gives you the option of grilled chicken/salmon or tofu, plenty of opportunities for indulging on the best that both worlds have to offer. 

If that doesn’t spice up your senses to deal with the cold, try the Mama’s Spicy Ramen Bowl, which has minced chicken cooked in a spicy broth, with corn kennels and spinach. Add it up with some Indo Coco Rice, a weird yet interesting concoction of sticky rice rolls cooked with coconut milk and steamed and wrapped in a banana leaf. If you are in the mood for some dumplings, Mamagoto has you covered with 3 varieties, Mixed mushroom, minced chicken and Nori and shrimp filled dumplings. 



The food served at Mamagoto definitely requires some drinks for pairing up. Worry not, the Mama bar is introducing 3 new exotic cocktails – basil Salted Mary cocktail, Rum Diaries and Frozen Sangria to cool you down for your next round of food. 

The flavours of Pan-Asian cuisine is served on a plate at Mamagoto with inventive dishes served in the way that expands on Mamogoto’s philosophy of good food and good fun.