Malnourished Tribals In Madhya Pradesh To Get Monetary Relief From Govt

According to the report by The Hindu, there are high levels of malnutrition amongst the Saharia tribals in the state of Madhya Pradesh and the state government has taken the decision to give out INR 1000 to them. The statement came from the Chief Minister of the state, Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Monetary Relief For Tribals

The report further states that the tribals were already being provided ration which includes wheat, rice and salt and that the money is additional provision. The ration is being provided at INR 1 for a kilogram and the additional money is being given so that the tribal people have access to food stuffs like vegetables, milk and fruits thus getting complete nutrition.

Malnourished Tribals In Madhya Pradesh To Get Monetary Relief From Govt

Chouhan added that the money would be deposited in the accounts of the women of the tribe. He also stated the government was determined to abolish malnutrition in the tribal sections of the state where currently 50,000 Saharia children are suffering from malnutrition and they are located in the Shivpuri and Sheopur districts. The Hindu, also adds that more than 150 children in these two districts had succumbed to malnutrition last year.

Talking about the provisions for the Saharia tribe Chouhan said, “The government will also provide relaxation to Saharias in getting jobs in various departments apart from the police force, where they will be admitted right after the physical test.” He also talked about dedicating an additional INR 7.5 crore for a Sabri Mata temple, an expense which does not include the hostels in Gwalior and Indore planned by the government for the tribal children.