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Make your breakfast healthier with Haldirams’ halke fluke potato chips sandwich


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Maybe it’s your laziness or your haste in the morning that makes your breakfast bear the brunt of your hectic schedule. Haldirams, one of the leading manufacturers of Indian snacks and sweets has come up with a perfect and easy-to-cook recipe so that you don’t have to leave home with an empty stomach. The company has found the easiest and quickest recipe without any compromise on the taste and nutrition.
The Haldirams’ halke fluke potato chips sandwich makes for the perfect breakfast. You just need potato chips (plain or flavored), ketchup, 2 slices of bread, optional toppings/flavorings (butter/ malt vinegar/ mayonnaise/ any tangy spice) for making it.
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How to make:
• Put two pieces of bread side by side
• Put the slices on a plate or onto a clean countertop.
• Spread a little butter evenly on both pieces of bread.
• Put the potato chips on top of one piece of bread.
• You can use plain potato chips or your favorite flavored ones.
• Add regular sandwich fixings to add to the taste of your potato chips sandwich
• Put the other piece of bread on top of the potato chip layer.
• Press down a bit to crush the crisps and cut the sandwich in half.
• Keep one hand on top of the sandwich while you use the other to hold the knife and cut it.
• It is best to use a less sharp knife.
• Enjoy it with your favorite beverage.

Start devouring and enjoy your breakfast with the new Haldirams recipe like never before.