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How to Make Whipped Cream and Whipped Cream Frosting


There is always more satisfaction in making your own whipped cream at home than buying ready-made whipped cream to use as frosting.

To make whipped cream is not that difficult, but you might not always have it the right consistency the first time you make it.

That is why you need to spend some time with the whipped cream while the whipping is taking place. But let us take a look at how to make it.

Whipped Cream Frosting

Whenever you make frosting for a cake or whatever it is you want to cover and decorate, you want a pure white color. So you will make this frosting from dairy products only to make sure it is just white.



  • 1 Pint of heavy cream that is chilled
  • 1 cup of icing sugar that is well sifted
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla


Put the heavy cream in a mixing bowl that is preferably chilled and use a whip that is also chilled. Whip the cream for about 2 minutes and then gradually add icing sugar and the vanilla to the cream while it is whipping.

Take care not to whip the cream for too long as it might start to curdle and start to form cheese. Whip it for only a short time until you have a nice soft consistency, and that should be enough to use as a frosting.

This is only a small recipe to help you practice until you get the right consistency so you can use it in a piping bag. This whipped cream is just enough to use with a single-layered cake.

As you can see, it is quite simple and fast to make whipped cream and whipped cream frosting with the minimum ingredients. You may want to add some other variants to the frosting to experiment like cacao, but make sure you never over mix the cream.

Other Variants

Cream Cheese

To give you a more fluffy and soft whipped cream frosting that will hold shape for longer use the following steps.

Add some cream cheese in a mixing bowl and then also add some powdered sugar to the mix. Start to whip it slowly until it is well mixed together and scrape the bowl down and keep on mixing slowly.

As soon as it gets nice soft, you can add some heavy cream into the bowl and whip it until the mixture is fluffy. Do not over mix it for the same reason that it might start to curdle, and it will be too stiff.

With this whipped cream, you will get a nice fluffy frosting that will be easy to pipe and cover the cake with. You will not get that pure white color with this frosting, but it is great to use if you use colors.

With this recipe, you can start out with small amounts and experiment until you get it right with perfect consistency. If you start with only a little bit at a time, you will not waste too many of your ingredients.

Mascarpone Cheese

With this cheese, you will not change the taste of the whipped cream at all, and you will get a pleasant, consistent whipped cream. It is also important that you get the smoothest mascarpone cheese you can get without any grains in it.

With this method of whipped cream, you may also have a very nice fluffy whipped cream that will hold much longer. And when you make cupcakes, you want a whipped cream that will hold quite long.


When you make whipped cream or whipped cream frosting, you do not need to add sugar to it at all. It has a natural sweet taste, which might be better for those people with diabetes and other sugar-related problems.

Also, for the people who want to look after their diet, it is not necessary to sweeten the cream too much.


Now that you know how to make a basic whipped cream or whipped cream frosting, go and experiment with it. The more you practice, the better you will get with it, and it is the same for your piping as well.

This will save you some money if you can make your own whipped cream at home.