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Make way for soup cleanses – the new Juice cleanses


Juice cleanses were the rage, to help give your body a break from all the processed and oily food we tend to normally have. Juice cleanses also claimed to aid in weight loss. Of course this diet was followed by controversies like any diet regime does. Our body needs nutrition, so these cleanses are okay for two to three days but any more than that and you might just damage your system.

The juice cleanse is giving way to soup cleanse because a soup is supposed to be more nutritious. A fruit loses half its good nutrition when turned into a juice. Secondly, a soup has more fibre unlike a juice which is mostly just carbs and/or sugar. While, juices left you feeling drained of energy half way in the day, soups are better because the vegetables help maintain your energy levels thanks to the different nutrients different vegetables have to offer. Also it is yet not scientifically proven that our body’s natural cleansers, the kidneys and liver, really do need the extra help in detoxifying. But what a soup fast definitely does is help you cut down on your unhealthy eating habits.


Although, a soup cleanse is the rage now, you should remember that a soup cleanse should not last for more than 3 days. Simply, because any more than 3 days and your body will go into protein withdrawals, you’ll lose muscle mass (this is not anything like losing fat and most definitely bad for you body) and finally, a developing a sluggish metabolism is not something you would want to deal with.

While you can buy packed soups in the US, back home we have a lot of recipes doing the rounds for these nutritious soups, you choose whether you like cold soups or hot soups for your soup fast. Mind you, these soups are nothing like the corn flour based soups you’re probably used to; these are rich in fibre and may need a little chewing.