Make Way For the Next Instagram Trend: Smoothie Stacks


Since the beginning of Instagram – and the gradual upgrades of smart phones and their megapixel cameras – food trends have been exploding all over the social media platform. Whether it’s rainbow food or freakshakes or just something completely out of the ordinary, Instagram has been where everything has unfolded. There are so many features on Instagram too, you can not only make your food look even better than it actually is, but you can show the world how to create your wonderful dish or trick or whatever.

So on that note, here’s the latest trend: Smoothie Stacks.

It’s when you pour different types of smoothies one on top of the other, so that the colours and layers are neatly split and sit like a rainbow. There are also versions of the stacks that have have the flavours/colours side by side or mixed just so. It looks too good to really consume. Because once you take that first sip, everything might just fall apart and then you’ll lose the beauty of it all. Which is why we have Instagram, to capture the smoothie before the stacks fall apart. 

Take a look.


And look at this one, because it is the most beautiful thing you’re ever going to see. Ever.

And this might just be our favourite stack so far. Look at that rainbow!


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What do you think of this latest trend? Think it’s going to stick around or are we in for a temporary treat?