Make Your Sunday Fruitful: Visit Organic Farmers’ Market In Mumbai

The rush to catch a Mumbai local or the constant rejection by the rickshaw-wala can take a toll on you. Eating right becomes all the more necessary to counter the daily wear and tear. But how do we know whether what we buy from our regular vegetable vendor is doing us more harm than good? How do we source organic vegetables and fruits? Now you can and within Mumbai itself.

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An Organic Farmers’ Market in Versova comes with a promise of organic fruits and vegetables. Bite into the juicy goodness of the fresh produce at this Sunday farmers’ market. Rain or shine, they are open throughout the monsoon season every Sunday!

You can even choose from vegan and gluten free sweets and meat lovers can pick organic meat. For the health conscious there’s metabolism boosting drinks too. The market comes not only with a promise of organic food but local sourcing too. Enjoy the air conditioned market which also keeps you away from the rains.

Go ahead and explore this market especially the seasonal variety and who knows you might even find an ingredient you didn’t know that existed!


Location: Harkat Studios, Bungalow #75, Ground Floor, Aram Nagar 2, JP Road, Versova, Andheri West, 400061 Mumbai.

Timing: Every Sunday, 10 AM – 2 PM.