Make Some Noise For The Yummy Food At The Noisy Cafe In Mumbai

Make Some Noise For The Yummy Food At The Noisy Cafe In Mumbai

The Noisy Cafe opened its doors in a noisy street in Malad on 1st October and for that very reason its name came about. But the quirky play on the traffic hullabaloo isn’t all that holds true to its name. They are planning to have regular musical gigs, a 30 second invitation for each patron to speak their mind on the microphone and give discounts for the loudest laugh as well. All this laughter, noise and great food, this quirky cafe is sure to be a hit!

Delish Food At The Noisy Cafe

We loved the concept of The Noisy Cafe as well as the latest music playing the whole time and a cool ambience with fairy lights. Sitting in this beautiful cafe we ordered for their Paneer Tikka and Wasabi Paneer Melange. The tikka was a classic dish and retained all the original flavours which we simply loved. What stood out however was the melange with that adequate use of the wasabi to give just the right pungency, the generous helping of cheese and paneer on bread made for a lovely appetizer.

We washed it down with a chilled glass of Black Beauty, a refreshing mocktail. What we were now looking forward to was the Chef’s secret recipe – Indian Curry Pasta. The taste of the gravy was of a pure Indian kadhi with masala in which the penne was completely doused in. We loved every bit of it but it all depends on preference and taste for everyone to enjoy it. So we leave that decision to you.

Last but definitely not the least we tried their in-house chocolate cake pastry and it was oh so good! The cake was spongy, the chocolate just right and one of the best ones we’ve had lately. So overall, The Noisy Cafe has made a big impression on us and we’re shouting from top of the roofs and encouraging you to go try it out!

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