Make some Fried Chicken with the guys from the Sorted Food Channel

You guys! 

The Sorted Food Channel on YouTube is so much sorted fun (they’ve even got a video on ‘why you should subscribe to them’ that’s so wicked). We loved this one guys, just wanted you to know. 



What’s great about this channel is that their users have got some great questions and the guys have got some great answers! Our favourite was the ‘If you had to date food, which one would it be?’ and their answers are priceless. 

Coming to this video in particular. It tells you exactly what makes chicken so moist and juicy. No more dried-fried chicken. And the fun doesn’t end there, they reveal what you’ve been confused about ever since sweet potatoes started growing in your neighbourhood- “Why don’t my sweet potato fries crisp up?”

And if that’s still not enough motivation, take a deep breath and meet Mango-slaw. That’s right, cole has left the building. 

Watch the video already. Sorted, so Food-some.