Make A Date With These 7 New Restaurants in Chennai

Chennai is a multi-cutural, multi-lingual and a secular city. But what Chennai also is, is a city that loves food from all over the world and loves to accept new restaurants into their lives on a regular basis. While other metros in the country have a large collection of restaurants by award winning chefs and all the important people are seen there, Chennai has great restaurants by new and talented chefs who want to showcase their skills to their hometown or just introduce people to new foods. In 2016 alone, Chennai has welcomed almost 100 new restaurants at least and every day, another one is added to the list of places you want to visit.

Now we’ve got seven more great spots for you to check out. Whether you live in the city or you’re just visiting, these seven new restaurants, cafes, bistros and resto-bars are where you’re going to find the best of the best under one roof. So brace yourselves, the list is going to make you wish you could do it all in one day.

Radio Room

Located at Somerset Greenways, this new resto-bar brings to you all the delicious cocktails and music you’ve known your whole life. If you’re looking for the perfect place to groove to classic rock while you eat delicious food and sip on drinks with your friends, the Radio Room is perfect for you.


Bistro 100

This new bistro in Velachery is open all day and promises you a proper bistro experience where you can drink coffee, eat great food and relax with friends. It’ll even be worth the drive to Velachery if you can experience great food inspired from all over the world.




For a fine dining vegetarian experience, Hamsa is the only place you need to be. Enjoy exotic and authentic Indian cuisine while being surrounded by luxury at every turn. It’s almost like you’re transported to a palace and seated with kings and queens of old.


The English Tea Room at the Faraway Tree


Inspired by Enid Blyton’s famous series of books, this café-cum-gallery will be your new favourite getaway. An open and airy café, they serve pretty much all the café food you can think of, but in a different and interesting avatar. And for the healthy folks, they even have options that will make you come back for more.


Prive Restaurant


Mylapore hosts a mutli-cuisine vegetarian restaurant that’s open all day and serves every cuisine imaginable. Whatever you’re craving, Prive has it on their menu, from North Indian to Continental to Street Food and Mexican.


Café Arabica


Bakeries are a great place to get food and spend time with your friends without having to worry about a dress code. And Café Arabica in Anna Nagar is open till midnight and you can get everything from burgers and even steaks and salads. But like any great bakery/café, their desserts are what you need to be there for!


Kitchen 21


This restaurant joins the long list of restaurants on Greams Road that you need to visit. They serve great North Indian food and have all your favourites and whatever you’re craving for at the time.