Make Aromas Café your Destination to Savour Vibrant Australian Cuisine

Immerse yourself in some delicious food inspired by the Australian cuisine, only at Aromas Café, through November and December. If your bucket-list calls for trying new flavors from “Down Under”, then the Australian Food Festival is your venue to explore some regional favorites.

Known for its unique blend of culinary contributions and adaptations, Aromas Café will be hosting the Australian festival for a month. The festival will celebrate the culinary highlights from Australian cuisine, such as Ratatouille Quesadillas, Aussie Shrimp tacos, 6-Hour Braised Lamb, Chicken Schnitzel on home-made Fettuccine, Black Fried Rice with Curried Prawns, Smoked Salmon, Caper and Fried Onion Sandwich, Spiced Lamb and Feta Bruschetta and lots more. The festival will serve the menu ala-carte and comes with some delicious desserts like Pavlova and Lamington Pastry and beverages, especially coffee; Iced Latte, Iced Americano, Caramel Iced Latte!

“At Aromas café, we have tried to recreate the Australian cuisine in the way that suits the Indian palate with fun, modern and contemporary twists, maintaining its essence, flavour and cooking techniques,” says Chef Mintu Das, Head Chef, Aromas Café.

Close to a decade ago, Aromas Café came to India from their Australian counterparts. Hence, this festival in a way celebrates how the journey of Aromas Café had kick-started. The menu at Aromas Café is specially handcrafted for a hearty and delicious meal, served in a comforting ambiance. Enjoy the taste and culture of Australia without having to cross the ocean, available only across the Aromas Cafés.

Where: Aromas Café, Bandra, Juhu, Powai, Thane (Hiranandani Walk and Viviana Mall)

When: 18th November onwards (until December 20th)

Available: Lunch and Dinner

For reservations, call: 022 6694 0050