Make A Quick And Delicious Nutella Flavoured Coffee With This Infographic

The world shares a common love for two things. Two things that mean everything to most of us, so much that the thought of it’s absence in everyday life would be unbearable. What are those two things you ask? Well, in no particular order, Nutella and coffee. That’s right. We’ve all had those sinful moments of sneaking a few heaping spoons of Nutella late at night, and on other nights, coffee, to keep us up wide awake and focused. But it’s not just nighttime. Nothing beats starting the day with Nutella – in your breakfast or right out the jar! And coffee is definitely a breakfast staple (that we also enjoy consuming throughout the day). But hang on, what if you could enjoy both coffee and Nutella, together?
Here’s a delightful recipe infographic for Nutella flavoured coffee that you can enjoy anytime you like! It’s so simple to make and only requires six ingredients, all of which you’re sure to have in your pantry already.

Nutella Flavoured Coffee Recipe: