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Maison De Moggy in Scotland is so “Top Cat”.


Every third corner in Japan may have seen a Cat Cafe, but the Scottish Kitties now have a new hangout. Maison de Moggy that’s opened up is the ideal spot for your feline friends- well, humans too. 

12 Resident Cats are ready to curl up on your lap or play with you at the cafe. See what makes the design of the cafe so incredible for humans and cats alike. 




Our favourite being, 


Pitched roof sleeping houses were mounted on the wall, along with rope bridges, walkways, stepping stones, and even ‘chill’ areas for the cats to frolic and hide in. Now we’re purring. 

For a tour of the Maison from your part of the world, check out this video. 





They also maintain quite an active Facebook page. So if you can’t fly out there you can still get some of the Maison. 

Our noble Norwegian scoffs at this Edinburgh “snow”!Come and join us to get out of the cold – the March system is up…

Posted by Maison de Moggy on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It’s really difficult to get anything done around here!

Posted by Maison de Moggy on Thursday, March 12, 2015