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Mahesh Babu Is On Board With Protein Brand ‘Protinex’ As Brand Ambassador


It’s the 21st century, and the one thing that ties together most of the consumers is a desire to pick products that are healthy. And superstar Mahesh Babu will now endorse one such healthy brand, Protinex.

“In today’s busy lifestyle, protein is an important nutrient for growth and maintaining an active lifestyle. In fact, I make sure that my daily diet has adequate protein, and Protinex is a key enabler to achieve this,” said Mahesh Babu.

According to a statement by Protinex, the popular protein powder brand has signed on the Spyder actor to promote its mission ‘to educate Indians about the relevance of protein daily’. In line with the same, Babu will be an active part of the label’s key campaigns and initiatives.

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Commenting on this endorsement, Himanshu Bakshi, Director- Marketing, Danone India said: “More than 70 percent urban Indian diets are protein deficient, in fact 93 percent of Indians are unaware of their ideal protein requirement and believe that they are getting enough protein in their diet.

“South is a highly penetrated region for health food drinks category with multiple established brands. With the intent to reach as many people as possible, Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu was an obvious choice. He is widely admired by audience across age groups and resonates very well with brand’s promise,” Bakshi added.

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