The Magnum Opus of Ice Cream – Art of Delight, Bangalore

Tucked away in a cosy corner of Residency Road right below the famous Nagarjuna is a new dessert joint called Art of Delight. An easy-to-miss place overshadowed by the mighty Nagarjuna. Now that you know about it, look for it because trust us, you’ll wish you never had to leave.

The décor is sleek and elegant with small, illuminated winding paths, landscaped with greenery and comfortable seating. Drinking in the feng shui is part of the experience. Their menu is handwritten with chalk on the board. We looked at the menu and were for lack of a better word, flabbergasted. With options like Lychee sundae, Mango sorbet, White Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream, Rocher Supreme, Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Hysteria Sundae and Nutella Cheesecake, you understand where we come from, don’t you? After much deliberation, we settled on a Nutella Cheesecake, Mango Sorbet and Lychee Sundae.


The Chocolate Mousse and Nutella Cheesecake were served in mason jars, which were oh-so-cute. The Nutella Cheesecake was a masterpiece in itself with a crumble layer at the bottom; the cheesecake comes next topped with a rich layer of creamy smooth nutella. Whoever said, “Heaven is a well-made dessert”, probably had a bite of this gorgeous dessert.

The Mango Sorbet was magnificent. It was smooth and lovely, we devoured it in minutes. The Lychee Sundae was a combination of ice cream, sauce and lots of lychee fruits. Sublime.

Apart from being a great dessert option, Art of Delight also functions as an art gallery and has a few pieces hung on their walls. Enjoy your cup of heaven musing over some great artwork.


If Ice Cream is an Art, these guys are the masters.

What we had:

Nutella Cheesecake

Mango Sorbet

Chocolate Mousse