With this Magnifying Spoon, You will always catch the hair in your food!

No More Flies

We love eating outside. Trying out new dishes, new restaurants, the latest fad in health, the newest cuisine in town- we do it all. We outsource our dietary needs as much as we can. But then along with this comes the risk factor. We don’t know what happens behind the closed doors of our favourite restaurant.

And lately, with the tooth being found in the McDonalds meal in Japan, or the pieces of plastic found in another franchise, we can never be too careful with our food. And as the saying goes – “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. The designers at Object Solutions had exactly the same thought. It’s better to trust ourselves with our food than anyone else. They came up with the Magnifying Spoon.

magnify spoon 1

It’s a spoon from the future. It uses a powerful lens to magnify every morsel of your food so that you can inspect it yourself before using the same device to scoop up a mouthful of clean, uncontaminated food. No more stray strands of hair or particles of dust. You can thoroughly examine the landscape of your meal and determine whether it’s consumable or not.

When it comes to our stomachs we like to be careful and the Magnifying Spoon is the tool of our desire. Watch the demonstration video here.








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