Which Of These Maggi Hot Heads Flavors Would You Try? #POLL


Nestle’s instant noodle brand Maggi just dialled the instant noodles game up a notch by introducing four new fiery flavours. Each of these comes with a spice meter (read, warning) printed behind the packet. Starting from 1 chili, the flavors go all the way up to 4 chilies.

As reported earlier, the Hot Heads range includes truly exciting variants, namely Peri Peri (mildly hot); Barbeque Pepper (hot); Chili Chicken (very hot); and the hottest of them all Green Chili (super hot). As much as we love the classic Maggi Masala, we can’t deny the fact that these new flavors have got us rooting for the tongue scorching experience.23_June_Maggi_PDP_Description_1-898fd

Speaking of, which of these would you pick?

Check out people’s reaction to the new variants in the Hot Heads experiment here.