Mad Over Donuts Launches A Signature Range Of Donuts With International Flavors


What’s your favourite donut flavour from Mad Over Donuts? Us, we love their chocolaty sweet Double Trouble, their Cinnaster and their Midnight Beauty. However, we believe our favourite donuts at the popular Indian chain may just change thanks to a new range of signature donuts that they have just launched.

The Signature Range

Using international flavours and gourmet ingredients, MOD has created four new donuts. Each donut is priced at RS.80 and is available at MOD chains across India. Here’s what you need to ask for:

The Tiramisu Donut


This delicious, Italian inspired donut is made with white chocolate, coca dusting and a tiramisu buttercream filling.

The Salted Caramel Donut



Caramel is almost as loved as chocolate when it comes to desserts. Caramel finds its way into Mad Over Donuts in a donut stuffed with salted caramel buttercream, caramel sauce, crushed butterscotch and sea salt.

The Mocha Truffle Donut


The Mocha truffle combines a white chocolate ganache filling with a white chocolate topping.

The Vanilla Cheesecake Donut


Have your cheesecake and eat a donut too with this vanilla infused cream cheese donut that is topped with biscuit crumbs.