Mad Over Donuts Will Have Some Christmas Themed Treats For You Soon
November 24, 2016
Karishma (2158 articles)

Mad Over Donuts Will Have Some Christmas Themed Treats For You Soon

You can always count on Mad Over Donuts to have something special planned each season. For Diwali, they launched a range of Indian mithai flavored donuts like Motichoor ladoos and Jalebi donuts. Now, with Christmas just around the corner they’ve announced they will soon be launching Christmas themed treats.

Christmas Is Approaching!

The chain is offering three new flavors in the spirit of Christmas; Ginger Buddy doughnuts, Christmas Tree Doughnuts and Strawberry Santa doughnuts.


The Christmas Tree doughnut is made with white chocolate and mixed spice buttercream and is shaped like a Christmas tree. The Strawberry Santa, meanwhile, is made with milk chocolate ganache, white chocolate and strawberry jelly while the Ginger Buddy is made with honey, milk chocolate ganache and a ginger glaze.

The new doughnuts will be available at Mad Over Donut stores across the country from December 5th until January 1st.

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  1. ashok
    ashok November 24, 09:54
    is this Christmas teemed Donuts are available in bangalore also.??
    • Karishma
      Karishma Author November 24, 09:56
      Yes, the will be available across India from December 5th onwards :)

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