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Macarons, Macaroons. Potato, potato. Right?


Macaron is NOT an alternative spelling of Macaroon.

 That just changes everything. 

The two terms refer to two different things- food, yes. So for those of you who’re thinking of shifting to another article because you just don’t get it, we’ll get down to the basics. 



A meringue-based cookie, made of almond flour, egg whites, sugar, then filled with butter-cream, ganache or fruit curd. 



A generic phrase that is used for many sweet confections made of egg whites, sugar and coconut, piped out as a star or mountain and dipped in chocolate

To add to the confusion, the Macaron, is also called the French Macaroon. Now that’s what we want, a bag of macaroons/ macarons with a side of confusion. 

But there you have it, a tale of macarons, macaroons and the French for your next “I know my food” show.