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Lunch Box Fit: 10 Lunch Ideas to Take to Work


It is not always easy to keep those lunch boxes interesting if you have to do it month in and month out.

Unfortunately, it is one of those things that has to be done, and you need to get some new ideas every now and then.

So, for this reason, we decided to find you some new ideas on what to keep those lunch boxes appealing. Without wasting any time, let us just do it.

Lunch Ideas For Work

Here are some fun, fresh ideas for your lunch box.

Chicken Wraps

This is an interesting lunch that is not too messy for those who need to eat their lunch at their desk. And it is quite a delightful dish that can be experimented with to keep it interesting and nice all the time.

You may use other things than chicken to fill the wrap and is a meal on its own that will keep you satisfied.

Vegan Taco

With this type of meal, you do not need a lot of preparation time, and the tacos can be bought ready-made. And you can make the filling freshly every day to make it enjoyable. A bonus is that it is also quite filling.

This will be a nice variety from the boring lunch box sandwich that is returned day after day.

Mini Pizza

It all comes down to the very favorite dish to keep your loved ones satisfied all day at work or school. At least you have control here on what will go into their mouths, and you have many toppings to choose from.

This is one of those dishes that will not easily become boring, and you will not quickly run out of topping ideas. 

Bagel Sandwich

This is also a straightforward dish to prepare for the lunchbox that can be kept interesting with many different fillings. It is also an interesting variation from the boring old sandwich and has high nutritious value.

With this type of sandwich, you can keep it real and healthy while keeping your family healthy.

Vegetarian Panini

Yes, this is just another type of bread roll, but the ideas for fillings are endless. You can toast the panini and add many different fillings in this sandwich as well.

And you do not need to be a vegetarian to eat healthily, and there are endless options with chicken and fish.

Noodle Surprise

With this type of dish, you can use the one minute type of noodles or make them from scratch, depending on your mood. But the topping options are endless from plain cheese to boneless rib schnitzels, as we said, endless!

And this type of dish only needs one lunch box to carry it in and is still great when eaten cold.

Salad Bowl

This is always a winner when you run out of lunchbox ideas and need something quick to put together. You can easily keep it healthy and filling at the same time, and the variations on this are really endless.

This type of dish is quite easy to learn to prepare and can be done by anyone out there.

Mini Platter

A one-person platter provides you with a myriad of options from sweet to sour to salty and can be alternated. This is great for when you have to pack more than just one lunchbox so you can buy some of the items in bulk.

It is also a great idea to give your loved ones everything they need to fulfill their daily nutrition quota.

Homemade Yogurt

Isn’t this one of the more healthy foods that can be eaten daily to keep you healthy in many ways? And you can use fresh fruit in the recipe when you prepare it for your loved ones.

This is also a great money and time saver where you can prepare it in advance and keep it refrigerated.

Spring Rolls

You can not go wrong with this dish, and it can be experimented with to make it exciting and healthy. And it is not too difficult to prepare these spring rolls in advance and can be made with many different fillings.


These are some general ideas to make the lunch box interesting and are quite easy to prepare freshly or in advance. Many people are going these days for the sandwich-free lunch box to make things a little bit different and more enjoyable.