April 20, 2017
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Low Calorie Prosecco Is Here To Allow You To Drink, Guilt Free

We’re becoming more and more health conscious, but that doesn’t mean we want to give up our drinking habits; especially when ‘diet’ Prosecco just became available.
That’s right; Casa Gancia, an Italian winery has just launched low calorie Prosecco for guilt free drinking.

‘Light’ Prosecco

Casa Gancia’s Prosecco reportedly contains only 65 calories per glass as opposed to regular Processco which contains 80-90 calories a glass.
The drink was launched in collaboration with Stonegate Pub Company.
 “Prosecco is already considered one of the lighter drinks, and now with a ‘skinny’ version, this is no doubt going to tap into the growing consumer trend for low-calorie and low-sugar products,” Suzanne Baker, commercial director of the Stonegate Pub Company said to The Drinks Business.
Just in case you didn’t know, Prosecco is  an Italian sparkling white wine made with Glera grapes.

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