The Lovefools Lab In Mumbai Is A Community Dining Experience You Must Try

A few days ago, we told you about Savor, a soon to be launched gourmet lunch subscription service which will deliver unique lunches to you every day. Today, we’re introducing you to another niche venture; Lovefools dinner lab in Pali Naka, Bandra.


The Lovefools Lab


The Lovefools Lab is a community dining area in a villa in Bandra. It offers eight course dinners at its community table on Saturdays, experimental dinners on Tuesdays, artisanal ice creams as well as private, gourmet dinners on request.  


The Saturday night experience is particularly unique as it involves twelve strangers dining together and enjoying the chef’s specially curated dishes.


Describing the venture, the Lovefools website says “The Lovefools is a dinner lab devoted to the idea that every meal is an artful adventure, for both, cook and diner. Accordingly, with its fancifully curated dinners, The Lovefools seeks to combine and experiment with intriguing cuisines, ingredients, textures, flavours and techniques. Incorporating drama and deceit, harmony and dissonance, foreign and familiar, with the sole purpose of awakening all your senses in the course of one meal.”

The Team

Lovefools is run by Chef Sarita Pereira who, in the words of the website, “doesn’t consider it dinner unless it covers four continents, lasts four hours, and you talk about it for days.”

Chef Pereira has been trained by Catalan Chef Nandu Jubany at the Michelin started restaurant, Can Jubany and, along which other chefs at the lab, spends a week putting each dinner together.


While the dishes served change from dinner to dinner, previous meals have included blueberry infused cheese, prawn bisque and choocolate rolls filled with ice cream.

Intrigued? Head to Lovefools website to learn more.