Love Your Idlis and Dosas At These Street Food Places In Bangalore

When you say street food, the thing that usually pops into your head would probably be chaats, rolls and kebabs. But there is an entirely different world out there. A beautiful world filled with the fluffiest idlis and the crispiest dosas ever created. A bite of these wondrous creations along with a strong filter coffee as an accompaniment, will take you directly to a foodie’s paradise.

Here are 7 street food places where you can experience the joy of delectable South Indian food.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar – Jayanagar

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar is a legendary South Indian street food eatery where you can get the best idly/chutney combination in the city. It started off as a place serving 4 items on the menu and eventually grew into a must-eat place for people craving for some good South Indian food. The vadas and a nice hot cup of coffee usually goes well with your idly or dosa.

Brahmin's Coffee

Om Sai Skanda Dosa Camp – Ulsoor

This street-side stall is to be visited only for their vermicelli dosa. It is a crispy butter dosa filled with vermicelli garnished with chilis and cashew nuts. The unique combination of crispy dosa and soft vermicilli was so easy to gobble down that we finished couple in a matter of minutes.


Iyer Idly – Thippasandra

Iyer Idly only serves idlis, as the name would have given you a clue, but they have some of the softest and freshest idlis in town. They prepare the idlis every 20 minutes, so you get the freshest idlis in town. Even if the options on the menu is limited, their idly/chutney combination is a paradise for all you idly lovers.


Vidyarathi Bhavan – Basavangudi

One of the oldest eateries in Bangalore, Vidyarathi Bhavan serves the best and crispiest dosas in the city. They have made their name for their dosas but my personal favourite was the rava idly. It was soft, flavourful and along with their sweet sambar, it went down faster than expected. This place is always full and is best visited around 4-5PM.

Vidyarathi Bhavan

99 Varieties Dosa – Koramangala

Although it is not an authentic South Indian fare what with your cheese dosas and Chinese noodles dosa but the essence of the South Indian cuisine is still present at this road-side stall. The butter plain dosas are just as good as any other popular South Indian joint in Bangalore. It is large and filled with mild tomato based gravy and heaping of butter. What more can you ask for?


Mavalli Tiffin Room – Basavangudi

If you are tired of the normal idlis and dosas, try the bisibele bath at Mavalli Tiffin Room. It is the most succulent and flavourful variation of bisibele bath we have ever had. Although this place is one of the oldest in the city, it is still standing the test of time just based on their delicious food.


Madhuri Idly Dosa Corner – Kaggadaspura

This small roadside stall serves authentic Tamil Nadu style idlis and dosas with the spiciest sambar we have ever had. Although very much on the cheaper side, they do not compromise on taste or flavour.