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My Love for Food


Well, one look at me and you will say, “khaate peete ghar ki hai” and honestly, am proud of it. Born in a family that lives to eat, food has always been passion, desire, and comfort. Every aspect of food from buying the materials, to tasting, to cooking, to serving others, to finding new ways of cooking the same veggie, everything seems to excite me. Both me and my brother are absolute foodies and are always on the hunt for a new place that has opened with good food or a new dish that our mum has tried. 

Since we both have 9-6 jobs, we both ensure that we call our mom daily. One would say what nice children, but our mom doesn’t think so,…why? Because, both of us have the same question, “Whats for dinner mom?” 

Mom now thinks that all we do in office is think of our next meal 

Well, the love for food was already in my genes. Having a grandmom who would run a small restaurant by serving home cooked items, and also my dad who was in the hotel industry for 25 years. Love for food was always there.

Ours is one family where boys are encouraged in the kitchen right from young age. So all the men in our family can whip up lip smacking items to please their wives, gfs, or even moms and sisters.

As for me, both my mom and dad allowed me to explore the kitchen with full freedom. I was allowed to make mistakes, learn, given feedback on the things I made, or have had happy smiling faces when something that I cooked was tasty.

My weakness lies in desserts. Cakes, ice cream, cup cakes, cheese cakes, macaroons, you name it, its on my favorite list. I just love the way you can play with desserts.

Sea food, chicken, mutton, are also close to my heart. My travel is mainly dominated by food. So if I have to visit or travel to any place, I have my list of “to be visited restaurants” ready. 

My family, colleagues, friends always rely on my suggestions when it comes to visiting a new restaurant.

The choice of dishes is also based on how the dish is cooked to the ingredients that will be used.

Well, which girl does not enjoy shopping, even I do, but more than other things, its food shopping that I enjoy. Checking the new things that are come in the market, the new tools that help make cooking easier and faster everything.

I could go on and on and not stop, but I’d wind up saying that Food is my first love. And like it is said in bollywood, “pehle pyar ko kabhi nahi bhula sakte hai.”