For The Love of Eggos, Watch This Fan Made ‘Stranger Things’ Intro!

If you’ve seen Stranger Things, you’d be well aware of the importance that ‘Eggo’ holds. Especially in Eleven’s heart. The ready to eat “Homestyle” waffles kept El going and were even the iconic giveaway to her possible survival at the end of the season. Speaking of iconic things, the series’ title track and introduction sequence all draw inspiration from the 80s, with a similar screenplay and background score. Complete with the glowing bold red font, the intro is right out of an 80’s suspense/thriller flick.

Combining the two iconic elements – Eggos and the intro – a fan with a major liking for the show (and a lot of patience), has re-created the Stranger Things intro using Eleven’s favourite Eggo Waffles!  YouTuber ‘studiorbit’ posted their Eggo-centric version of the show’s opener with the caption that it was “Created using actual Eggo Waffles and a lot of free time.” Well, that is one way to kill time till the second season comes out!

Feature Image: thisinsider