For The Love Of Egg – Relish Delicious Egg Delights At Andamental In Mumbai

For The Love Of Egg – Relish Delicious Egg Delights At Andamental In Mumbai

Egg lovers will know how awesome the spluttering of the oil sounds when a glossy, bright yellow sunny-side up is frying. Pair it with almost anything you like and it becomes a complete breakfast. For the love of egg we decided to try the dishes at Andamental – The Express Café. And to our surprise, each one was – eggcelent.

The Ambience

A small café tucked away in a quiet lane at Andheri this place is bang opposite the 2nd Azad Nagar Metro Station exit. There’s the tandoor section outside where hot rotis and tandoori dishes were being made. The inside is bright yellow just the egg yolk. The owner Nikhil Samani welcomes us with a smile and introduces us to his chef – Pradeep.

The Food

The first taste we experienced was the Anda Ghotala. Chef Pradeep began with frying eggs and then prepared a gravy with all sorts of spices going in, he works like magic in their open kitchen. After all, watching eggs sizzle is a part of the eating experience! One bite of Anda Ghotala along with freshly prepared, hot tandoori roti and we instantly became a fan of the dish. It was delectable and we felt that it could give the grand butter chicken a stiff competition.

Alongside we sipped on the Lovely Mojito which was the perfect refresher during a humid evening in Mumbai. Plus, it kept our appetite going for the next delicacy – Achari Broccoli. Spicy with zesty mustard and cooked in tandoor, this dish makes for a quirky snack. For those who love an extra zing in their snacks should definitely try this one. For us, we really loved the crunchy bites of zesty greens.

Last but definitely not the least we gorged on their Anda Baida Roti, another delicious treat, we could easily eat two on an empty stomach. Another thing that we adored was that each dish was served alongside a tasty coriander chutney and pickled bell pepper juliennes. Kudos to the fine detailing.

For all those working in the suburbs, this café is open till 3:30 AM and what better than hot food in the middle of the night after a long day right? Watch the making of the delicious Anda Ghotala below and be prepared to get mesmerised.


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