Love Bob’s Burgers ? They’re edible now.


Bob. Yes. Bob. yes. Bob. YES.

‘Bob’s Burgers’ is an animated Fox series. It’s the story of the family run- diner and the lives of the Belcher family. The show has its own cult following. For a quick chuckle, the writers come up with funny names for the day’s specials for each episode. The name is written on a blackboard, usually behind Bob.

Love Bob's Burgers ? They're edible now.

“Blue is the Warmest Cheese Burger“, “Free to Brie You and Me”, “Blondes have more Fun-Gus Burger” and “Bruschetta-bout-it Burger” are some. For many fans, spotting the day’s special is a highlight of the viewing ritual.

One of the foodies watching the show, an engineer for Honda, couldn’t help wondering what these burgers would taste like. Cole Bowden, on his blog, cooks up a burger from the show everyday.



“I mean, I knew may around a frying pan- but pretty much just how to put things into it and heat it up,” says then noob-chef, Bowden. These days, he’s quite the pro when it comes to whipping up “The Foot Feta-ish burger” with ground beef stuffed with fresh goat feta and arugula.


After two years of these wacky burgers, Bowden and his team are on their way to make their own cookbook. Burger your way to the top!