“A lot of people can build a body”, Says Miss India Sports Physique Champ, Shweta Rathore


Dare you call her a bodybuilder, because a “sports physique” champion is what Shweta Rathore is. The 27-year-old Jaipur-based fitness fanatic was recently crowned Miss India “sports physique” champion, which is a new division of bodybuilding and is different from traditional muscle flexing.


What Is Sports Physique?

Sports physique is unlike any other beauty pageant or fitness contest. It analyses the flexibility and strength of the contestant, judging their “athletic and aesthetically pleasing”.

Contestants are required to strike poses that show off their form from the front, side and back. The contest also includes a bikini-round.

Clearly, the competition is just not about the muscle, the competitors battle on grounds of both looks and fitness, a combination that Rathore seems to have perfected by now, having won medals in the Miss Mumbai, Miss India, Asia and World competitions.Shweta-Rathore




By merit Rathore is an engineer but picked up an interest in gym training since the age of 15, maintaining a 24-inch waist. Her family backed her ambitions of being a fitness expert, which took her to Mumbai five years ago.

Rathore’s routine diet is high in protein and complex carbs with a special emphasis on chicken, fish, and vegetables including broccoli, cucumber and tomatoes paired with brown rice, egg whites, or whole eggs.

Keeping alcohol and cigarettes at a safe distance, Shweta rehydrates her system regularly with 4litres of water everyday apart from a protein-based shake. And when prepping for competitions the water intake increases and carbs are reduced. The day before the event, she avoids drinking water and loads up on carbs, which supposedly gives the body a dry look and highlights muscle development.shweta-ratore5_1444794974



The physique champion sweats it off 6 days a week focusing on a different segment every day – legs, inner and outer thighs, back and biceps.

Her daily regimes last for about an hour and a half to two hours, which goes up to six hours a day before contests. These consist of lifting weights, heavy squats, crunches and leg raises in addition to cardio exercises like jumping, skipping or cycling.

A very important step Shweta follows during workouts, which she calls “meditation”, is keeping away from her mobile phone and the Internet.



Rathore’s recent conquest got her a lot of praises, fame and most importantly endorsement deals with health supplement brands. Rathore wants to play on this new-found spotlight to launch a fitness programme soon.

The program will focus on busting health myths and making girls competition-ready. “A lot of people can build a body. To stand out, you have to know all about technique and presentation.” She says she aims to train blind girls and encourage people to included them in regular championships instead of a special category.

“That will take work but I am up for the challenge.”




Feature Image: Business Insider