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L’Opéra Salon de Thé Inaugurates New Outlet At Bikaner House, New Delhi


Central Delhi-based Bikaner House is becoming quite the place to be for food lovers. With restaurants like Chor Bizarre and The Tea Lounge already on its premise, the swanky Rajasthani cultural hub just ramped up its space with a new outlet of popular French patisserie, L’Opéra Salon de Thé, which opened its gates to the public last weekend.

According to Laurent Samandari, Co-Founder and Managing Director of L’Opéra, Bikaner House “will now host our new Salon de Thé where one can have stirring conversations and enjoyable moments, whether it is for quick meetings or prolonged get-togethers, both indoors and outdoors, all within a refined ambience only L’Opéra knows how to bring about.”

L’Opera’s latest outlet has been set up in collaboration with Chor Bizarre, which is managed and run by Old World Hospitality, a ruling name in the hospitality sector. “The know-how and resourcefulness of O.W.H. combined with the charm of Bikaner House – where O.W.H. operates Chor Bizarre – make for very positive prospects indeed”, added Samandari of the alliance. 

So what will this exclusive blend of Indian elegance and French gastronomy in the Capital’s primmest of prim locations serve? According to Amit Sinha, L’Opéra’s Executive Chef, the menu reflects the diversity of the experiences one can have at our Salon de Thé, such as a new variety of coffees, soups, salads, a range of feuilletés, lasagna and light French meals.”

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After a recent renovation, Bikaner House is soon becoming the go-to place for art-lovers, business people, and even folks looking for some calm and tranquility in the madding hustle of the city. With the launch of L’Opéra Salon de Thé by Chor Bizarre, the charm will undeniably rise up several notches!

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