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Looks Like The Rainbow Food Trend Isn’t Over Yet, Meet Unicorn Toast


It is said that unicorns ride rainbows, so obviously any food that has rainbows in it would inherit the title of “unicorn” attached to the food item. So yes, the Rainbow Food trend isn’t over, and by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Adeline Waugh is the creator of Unicorn Toast. According to her Instagram page, she is a food stylist, photographer and recipe developer. Which explains how she came up with Unicorn Toast. If you take a look at her Instagram page, there are beautifully designed and photographed images that will make you envious.

Teen Vogue spoke with Waugh about her inspiration behind this and she said, “I’ve been trying to incorporate red beets into as many creations as possible, ever since I realized that they can turn just about anything into the most ridiculously beautiful shade of hot pink. I was using beet cream cheese to make colorful pink toast, and then it occurred to me that I could probably make additional colors of cream cheese using natural ingredients.”





Apparently, the taste is no different to when you eat toast with cream cheese, the rainbow effect comes from colours created by natural ingredients. Waugh added in her conversation, “I don’t mess around with toxic chemicals in my food, so food coloring was never an option. I use beet juice for the hot pink, freeze dried strawberry powder for the light pink, turmeric root juice for the orange/yellow, drops of chlorophyll for the light green, spirulina powder for the light blue, and freeze-dried blueberry powder for the purple.”

Remember Rainbow Grilled Cheese? This is basically another version of that, just open faced sandwiches if you please. Without the pulling cheese apart factor.