London Bubble Co. – A Celebration Of All Things Waffle

There’s a new bubble waffle place in town and they have a mesmerizing array of waffle combos to bowl you over. One of India’s leading bubble waffle franchise, the London Bubble Co. has opened its very first outlet in Chennai, their very first in Tamil Nadu. They’ve set out to bring their delicious bubble waffles and bubble teas to the people of Chennai and that is exactly what they’ve done. Be it their one-of-a-kind Black Jack or their fruity, perfect-for-summer bubble teas, their menu is sure to make one drool.

A cozy, café-like ambiance and snazzy wall art of caricatures and sassy dialogues keep us entertained while we wait for our waffles. Minimalistic yet elegant, the décor is perfect for a dessert parlor. From a huge community table to secluded two-person tables, the place has spots for everyone to choose from.

London Bubble Co.’s famed Black Jack Bubble Wrap is our first choice for the day, and obviously so. A decadent bubble waffle wrap made with a brownie waffle base and charcoal ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, chocolate cigars and sprinkles, this is one dessert you should definitely not miss. For someone who’s tasting charcoal ice cream for the first time, it is a one-of-a-kind experience. Vanilla ice cream is blended with activated charcoal and London Bubble Co. uses the lighter, greyer variety as opposed to the darker black type used in other places. The greyish variety, they believe, goes perfectly with the brownie base and you’ll readily agree when you taste it.

The KitKat Break is what we went for next and it is again as sinfully delicious as the Black Jack. The white bubble waffle base with vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate sauce decorated with dark chocolate chips, sprinkles, chocolate cigars and KitKat bars is a treat to the senses. A must-try for all KitKat lovers and pretty much everyone else as well.


We finish off with their Maple Butter Pocket Waffle, a classic combination of a brown waffle doused with generous layers of butter and maple syrup that tastes fantastic. The dessert comes in cute paper-pockets that’s practical for a quick bite and kids are bound to love this particular presentation of waffles.

There’s variety aplenty when it comes to the waffles at London Bubble Co. There’s Oh Godreo!, London Bubblegum, Berry Bae and Rocher Rush in the bubble waffle section and Banana Salted Caramel, Tiramisu and Belgian Chocolate in their pocket waffle selection among much more. They also have waffwiches, gelatos, mini pancakes, milkshakes and of course their famous Iced Bubble Chais.

Every waffle at London Bubble Co. is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free. Craving for something sweet and sophisticated with just a touch of quirkiness? London Bubble Co. at Kilpauk, Chennai is where you need to head.