LOLIWARE Is All Set To Release The World’s First Edible, Biodegradable Straw

In light of the toll that plastic is taking on the environment it has been a welcome change that plastic straws have been banned by certain corporations. However, finding a substitute for the straws hasn’t always been easy. Now, LOLIWARE, of Shark Tank fame is changing things up with their new straws that are both edible and biodegradable and come in super cute colours!

According to the startup, LOLIWARE  is the “world’s first edible, hyper-compostable, marine-degradable straw aimed at replacing plastic straws” that means you can sip your cocktail and then you can eat your straw afterward. Even if you don’t feel like eating your straw later you won’t be leaving any permanent impact as they go from “from straw to soil in 60 days or less.”

Co-founded by Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker, LOLIWARE first incited a bidding war on Shark Tank in 2015 with their edible cup. Since then, they have been trying to change the way people think about the plastic they throw away. They’re now working on creating flavored, edible straws, would you try them? Let us know in the comments below!

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