Loft hosted a fun-filled Christmas Party for Children from Dream A Dream NGO

Innocent smiles, twinkling eyes and playful laughter resounded through LOFT – a ZEE5 Experience as they hosted 45 tots from Dream A Dream foundation for a fun Christmas Party this 24th morning. Staying true to its ‘food with a side of fun’ motto, the Interactive Cafe curated a day packed with scrumptious meals, gripping games, intriguing storytelling and book – reading sessions and stimulating activities galore for the young guns as it set out to extend it’s warmth and hospitality to underprivileged kids and made it a memorable Christmas for them.

With the cafe taking pride in becoming a part of your special moments, it endeavored to add revelry into the lives of these kids and become a part of their many first – time memories. The excited bunch was quick to notice the smoothie cycle as they pedaled gleefully to churn out their healthy smoothie. They also raided the gaming zone while a select few took onto the cozy book corner as the staff narrated some fantasy stories to them. The endless menu comprising Cheese Garlic Hassleback, pastas and pizzas which was relished by them. The staff engaged with the children through games and conversations as their zeal for life took them back to their childhood days.

The day concluded with the arrival of Santa Claus at Loft Koramangala who spread the Christmas cheer and glee by distributing sweets and chocolates to all the children present!