Lock, Stock and A Smokin’ Good Time at Smoke House Deli in Bangalore

The Feel:

The moment you lay your eyes on the spectacularly white building with its quirky sign, you know you’re in for a happy time. There’s something about being surrounded by so much white that makes you feel open to whatever you’re going to experience in the time to come. Walk in and you’re met with elegantly set tables and hand-drawn interiors that add a charm that is impossible not to go ‘Oooh’. We were taken to our beautifully set table and I couldn’t wait to take in the stories adorning the walls. The walls speak of the colonial era in Bangalore and of times gone by and of the city that was once called the ‘Garden City of India’. It might still be called that but we aren’t so sure anymore. 

Lock, Stock and A Smokin' Good Time at Smoke House Deli in Bangalore

The doodled walls and interiors pay homage to the vast variety of flora and fauna that Bangalore is home to. Once you’re done taking in the beautiful stories of Bangalore, you remember what you really came here for – to eat. 

Lock, Stock and A Smokin' Good Time at Smoke House Deli in Bangalore

The Menu: 

The menu has enough options to confuse the foodie in you as everything reads better than the next dish. After much deliberation, we settles on plain pancakes, a ham and cheese omelette, sausage and bacon terracotta scrambled eggs and a large side of bacon. Gluttonous? We sure hope so. We reminisced of old Bangalore while we waited for our food thinking of times when traffic wasn’t so bad and trees were more and were interrupted by the arrival of the pancakes. This is what we were served and trust us, it tasted even better than it looked. 


The rest followed soon after. The sausage and bacon scrambled eggs were the right amount of gooey that is expected of great scrambled eggs and were a delight. The ham and cheese omelette? Perfection. The side of bacon was ginormous in quantity and we couldn’t be more happy!We went by to Smoke House for breakfast and knew what we wanted but we can’t wait to try the rest of their menu for lunch and dinner. Judging by their breakfast it could only get better. 

The Verdict: 

Smoke House has everything to offer – great ambiance with beautiful lighting, fantastic food and courteous staff. Would we go there again? You bet! 

Lock, Stock and A Smokin' Good Time at Smoke House Deli in Bangalore

What we had: 


Ham and Cheese Omelette 


Sausage and Bacon Scrambled Eggs