Local Food Guide: Restaurants In Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Although Jayanagar is a quaint residential neighbourhood, there are several restaurants and cafes lined up on the streets to satisfy every craving. Famous for its vegetarian restaurants, Jayanagar is a paradise if you are in the mood for some good and healthy vegetarian dishes. From beautiful cafes to chill out and street food joints where you can get the best of local cuisines, Jayanagar manages to capture everything that a true foodie yearns for. 

Here are a few restaurants to share a meal at if you are in and around the Jayanagar area. 


So, you have grown tired of all the non-vegetarian food you’ve been hogging and would like to cleanse your body with some nutritious vegetarian food. Fret not, Jayanagar has several vegetarian options to satisfy your vegetarian cravings. 

1. Taaza Thindi 

With freshly prepared dosas and idlis, Taaza Thindi is the place to check out some good South Indian food.


2. Jalpaan

Looking for some good pasta which doesn’t have the usual chicken and seafood? Jalpaan offers a wide variety of vegetarian pastas, including the delicious Masala Mafia Penne Pasta. 


3. Eshanya

Eshanya’s speciality is their wholesome vegetarian North Indian Thalis. Toss out your work lunch and spend some quality time enjoying the delicious and affordable thalis.

4. 1947 

You can get your hands on the best of North Indian grub at 1947, from tandoor items to our all-time favourite, paneer butter masala. 


Meat cravings can happen at any time of the day. Although vegetarian restaurants outnumbers its non-vegetarian counterparts, there are enough options in Jayanagar to satisfy your inner carnivore. 

1. Canton

One of the best Chinese restaurants in Jayangar, Canton serves up the best in chicken and seafood dishes. 

2. Toscano

Toscano is the place to be to satisfy your Italian cravings. Pastas, pizzas and amazing sandwiches are part of an expansive menu at Toscano.


3. Flamenco 

If you are in the mood for some amazing burgers, Flamenco should be at the top of your list. From amazing all-day breakfasts to succulent lamb burgers, it is all available for you to get your hands dirty. 


4. Kabab Magic

Kabab Magic offers a wide range of delicious kebabs, rolls and biryanis for an extremely affordable price. Our personal favourite is the grilled chicken. 

Coffee Shops

In the mood to chill with a good cup of coffee and a nice book? These places can give you the ambiance and the eats to match the delicious coffees they serve. 

1. Caffee Pascucci

One of the best coffeeshops in Jayanagar, Caffe Pascuscci has an incredible coffee menu, along with delicious short-eats. If you are in the mood for a coffee rush, check out the Confuso Caramel available here.


2. Linto Coffe

Enjoy a nice tall glass chill-o-coffee along with a slice of the Fire Pizza at Linto Coffe. Coffee and Pizza sounds like a weird combination but, trust us, it works. 


Chocolates, Cakes, and Pies, oh my! Jayanagar has its own share of places where you can get your fix for sinful desserts. 

1. Corner House Ice Cream

The legendary Corner House ice cream has an outlet in Jayanagar offering their famous varieties of ice-creams and desserts. Our usual favourite, Death by Chocolate, is even better here. 


2. Sinful Bites

Delicious cakes and pies are the best part of Sinful Bites. The plating and the presentation takes the cake. 

3. The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room is one of our personal favourites just for their amazing chocolate truffle. Chocolate Room’s menu has everything you would expect from a dessert joint, with a distinct focus being placed on chocolates, as you would have guessed. 


Street Food

Amazing street food at the snap of the fingers, Jayanagar’s street food joints has all the traditional dishes served on the streets of various cities. 

1. Hari Super Sandwich

Super Sandwich is an appropriate name for a place serving unique variations of traditional sandwiches. Try the chocolate sandwich and the cheese chilly sandwich. 

2. Kedia’s Fun Food

The best place to taste the delicacies of Mumbai, Kedia’s serves different varieties of vada pav, among other chaat items. Although not as authentic as the vada pavs you can get on the streets of Mumbai, it has its own unique flavours.