Little Pleasures Patisserie – The new dessert room in K-Town
September 18, 2018
Atreya Paul (11 articles)

Little Pleasures Patisserie – The new dessert room in K-Town

With the special attraction of plated desserts and Illy Coffee, Little Pleasures Patisserie has opened the door of its first ever boutique dessert room.

The “Little Pleasures Patisserie”, a patisserie in the French style that combined global palates and trends with the hospitality of the City of Joy, was launched in 2007. The dessert boutique specializes in customizable cakes for every special occasion. Retail dessert offerings are also available, and the cosy yet glamorous ambience is a bonus.

Along with a range of teas and coffees the dessert room serves the perfect accompaniments too, with signature desserts like the Profiterole Pyramid, Lemon Cake, Salted Caramel Tart, and Belgian Cake, starting from the extremely affordable range of Rs 45/-.


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Atreya Paul

Atreya Paul

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