A Literature-Themed Outlet Of The Beer Café Comes To Noida
February 26, 2018

A Literature-Themed Outlet Of The Beer Café Comes To Noida

India’s leading alco-beverage chain, The Beer Café has been delighting beer-lovers since April 2012 with over 50 kinds of brews served at each of their outlets. However, much like a black sheep of the family, TBC’s oulet in Logix Mall, Noida had been receiving a lot of flak for initially not serving alcohol at all and then serving a limited variety of beer. But the alco-beverage chain is looking to climb out of this critical slump with an interesting new makeover at the Noida outlet.

The Beer Café has just launched a revamped book-themed version of their existing outlet at the Logix City Centre Mall. This new and unique location will pay homage to the literary world with an artsy décor that will feature pun-laden and brew-based wordplays on popular book titles to delight and fascinate bibliophiles.

Speaking on the launch, Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO, The Beer Café, said, “Some of the most famous authors have often expressed the charm of alcohol when it comes to art. Our latest outlet in Noida is aimed at capturing this synergy. With an ambience perfectly suited for sparking conversations and ideas we are confident that beer lovers will enjoy this dedicated space. Who knows, we might just catch the next batch of Hemingways and Bukowskis sitting there, cradling their pints and typing their way towards literary glory!”

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The Noida-based outlet is TBC’s 18th in the Delhi-NCR market, while it is the chain’s 37th location pan-India.

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    very nice it would have every city cause for me i am very big fan fan of beer ,

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