Lite Bite Foods Plans To Invest Rs.30 Crore In Punjab Grill Brand


Lite Bite Foods, the company behind restaurants like Punjab Grill, Zambar, and The Artful Baker has announced plans to invest Rs.30 crore in its Punjab Grill brand.

The Lite Bite Foods Story

According to its website, Lite Bites Foods describes itself as “one of India’s largest F&B operators and has over 12 core brands under its umbrella.


These include Punjab Grill, Asia Seven, The Artful Baker, Pino’s, Zambar and Subway (as a franchisee).

It has over 1.5 million square feet of retail space with a presence in malls, high streets, airports, corporate hubs and hotels across India as well as a presence in Singapore, Bangkok and Washington.


Expanding Punjab Grill

At present, Punjab Grill is a fine dining restaurant with outposts across the country.


However, as a part of its expansion plans, the company will create a new format of Punjab Grill, aimed at the younger crowd who are looking for healthier foods and smaller portion sizes.

“Introducing new restaurants is key to overall growth for us. We are hopeful that our new format of Punjab Grill will resonate with millennial consumers,” said the company chairman Amit Burman in a statement.