Would You Like To Indulge In Some ‘Misfortune’ Cookies? #POLL

When ordering Chinese takeout or dining at a Chinese restaurant, we always look forward to the sweet crunchy tradition (read, life revelation) at the end of the meal – the fortune cookies. The tiny dessert has for years convinced people that it holds the key to their future. All rubbish, of course. And to hit back at the fortune cookie non-sense with, a Germany-based company, Pechkeks, has come up with a satirical product of their own – the misfortune cookie.

No, we haven’t accidentally misspelled ‘fortune’, there really do exist ‘misfortune’ cookies and they are way better than the original. For starters, the lies they tell are a million times more believable, funny, and sensible. Because let’s face it, if you have to read and believe a piece of paper inside a cookie, it might as well be funny, right?

Pechkeks’ misfortune cookies stay true to their nature with a black, though totally edible, exterior and a message inside that boasts of bitter, dark humor. Some of the messages include the likes of “things will get better. Sometimes. Maybe”; “ At least I believe in you, Me, a piece of paper”; and many more such tongue-in-cheek one liners.


According to Food & Wine, the cookie debuted in Europe and Australia in 2013 will soon be available in select stores in the U.S. and Canada. So, would you indulge in one of these new-age post-meal cookies? Or would you rather just believe in the bunch of lies the original cookie sells you? Vote for your cookie below!

Featured Image: Huffington Post