Would you like to eat a Frog Burger?

A museum in Japan is having a Deadly Poison exhibition. And they decided to celebrate it with a ‘Black Frog Burger’. No, it’s not a fancy name. It’s actually a whole deep-fried frog inside a black bun that’s topped with sesame seeds. The sesame seeds are probably the most boring part of the burger, don’t you agree?

Featured image japanese black frog burger


You can enjoy this odd-looking burger for just $8.40 or INR 527 at the Orbi Yokohama museum in Japan. The crispy frog burger is laid out on a bed of sweet chilli sauce. The people who have ended their Daily Poison exhibition with this healthy chunk of frog have proclaimed that it ‘tastes like chicken’. The creators of the burger finish the meal off a piece of soy sauce flavoured chicken, something they say they add for comparison.

If you are reading this and you’re in Japan, does it actually taste like chicken?

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